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Mental health-ish 

When you start realising the times you get depressed are around the same times you experience social rejection.

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Hey. It's okay to like cute fluffy anthro animals and not call yourself a furry

Don't tease people and call them furries if they don't want to be called that. It's an opt-in term

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Looking to host a kink chat tomorrow (Sunday) at 2PM EST if anyone’s gonna be around! #mastokinkchats

The link to join is here:

Feel free to comment if you’d like me to tag you when it starts :)

Still trying to figure out the relationship between liking anime girls (especially Lain) and being a racist, far-right piece of shit.

Yo guys please subscribe to my OnlyFlans. Literally just pictures of flan, day in and day out.

I think perhaps this is why a lot of the instances you see on FediBlock/BlockChain are Pleroma instances rather than anything else. It's a shame because there's a lot of good that can be said about it. The modularity of interfaces and overall lightness of the code makes it super useful for running on a small device. PleromaFE is one of the few super minimal UIs that I like to look at. But ultimately just really saddened by the way moderation/content is handled.

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I've made the decision to shut down my Pleroma instance (, as I'm not satisfied with the moderation tools whatsoever. I've found in multiple cases that instances which were set to be rejected (Pleroma's version of suspended) were not rejected and instead federating with my instance. I've also noticed that there's pretty heavy tolerance for instances which are especially vitriolic on the dev side which concerns me.

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Hey uhhh if any of y'all are furries (chorus: WE ARE) and like transformation (chorus: OH NO WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MEOW?!) you might wanna check out @Casuallynoted, who's building a whole instance for this sort of thing

Question, is showing without media elements for anyone? I'm noticing that when I load it in incognito mode it looks really messed up but when I access it regularly it looks fine.

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I’m a werewolf, but instead of insatiable bloodlust, I have insatiable regular lust

I did not realise that someone could have such an intense reaction to the Dreamcast startup screen.

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uspol, nothing, I wish I hadn’t thought about this 

Twitch McConnell of the Gamers Only Party

It's up!! Woot! I'm so excited that is now up and running. :) Serious mega thanks to the previous owner, @holly for being freaking amazing and letting me take on the instance :D For anyone who's interested in furry transformation content or who knows someone who is, this is gonna be a server dedicated to it ^_^ I'm really excited to see shenanigans.

To federate and follow my admin account there, just follow @Casuallynoted !

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With that said, let me know if you want in on the relay. I'll be happy to add a domain that I've had the opportunity to verify.

Yikes, looks like some alt-right shit ended up on my relay while I wasn't looking. Switching to a whitelist mode for now and I've blocked the instances that have followed. I think it'll be wise to do the whitelist method for now while certain communities are trying to exploit the fediverse as a replacement for Parler.

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Slightly horny/gay bears 

I just need all the bears. I should’ve joined or something. Y’all are beautiful.

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