@Hiro Ahh!! :D Nice to meet you too! :) What are you up to today mister?

@Casuallynoted Playing my instruments and video games, there’s not much to do for me lately ^^’ Teaching myself piano again too. What’s a cat doing?

@Hiro Piano is amazing :3 I am ukulele cat!!! I finished college stuff up in time for spring break and am now mostly laying down on the couch :D

@Casuallynoted It’s stupid hard too, and it hurts ^^’ Probably ’cuz I’m not doing it right tho. Ukulele is good! And couch too, playing ukulele on couch must be ideal.

@Hiro Yes X333 Gonna be a chill week now :3 Also I may have accidentally found you on telegram too in case you wanna chat over there ^_^

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