What really sucks is there aren't many good Fediverse apps on iOS. I know most people are like "Of course not, iOS is a closed platform!" but still, I wish there were more. I have to have three Mastodon apps to accomplish tasks because each one has specific functions that just don't work like they should. For example, one can't make image posts but gives notifications. One gives notifications but can't follow people. One lets me make image posts but doesn't let me view my profile page.

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@Casuallynoted is accessing fedi through your mobile browser a viable alternative? :(

@extinct It is, but the tricky thing with web apps on iOS is that you don’t get notifications from them, which for me often means I don’t use it much cause I don’t know stuff is going on. ^^; I’d definitely be using all of the Fediverse more even with an app that just gave me my Fedi notifications in one place on my phone

@Casuallynoted yeah, i'm not sure what's the lesser of the two... pains in the ass in that case

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