@pixelfed Noticed in the latest release it is listed that remote avatars download even when S3 is not enabled (super excited to have this!). I can see this is the case for other Pixelfed instances, but not Mastodon and other such instances. Is this currently intended behaviour?

@Casuallynoted It may take up to 24 hours for the avatars to update, and in some cases for older accounts they may not update. We're working on fixing this!


@pixelfed Awesome!! Thank you so so much, I'm really excited. With this improvement and the new UI, I think Pixelfed is ready to fully replace Insta for me. Great job. :)

Oh! One other question. I'm trying to get it working with Mastodon apps (and have the option enabled in the .env), but it doesn't seem to be connecting through any. Is there anything else I might need to do? Thank you!

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@Casuallynoted You need to set 'EXP_EMC=true` and then re-deploy and then run `php artisan cache:clear`!

@pixelfed What's odd is that seems to be what I have, I set 'EXP_EMC=true` in the .env, then php artisan cache:clear, and php artisan config:cache and started horizon, but it doesn't seem to connect from any app

@pixelfed I’m testing with the official Mastodon all for iOS and Metatext for iOS

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