I really do feel like post-COVID me is a completely different person. I have times where I’m in my room and I look at stuff and wonder why I have it- like is it really mine? Why did I like that? And it’s mostly stuff from within the past year too. Even stuff I used to hate I find I like now out of nowhere, and while I never used to cry I find myself crying all of the time at the smallest things.

Something I remember I said to a friend the other day:
“This looks like the room of someone who plays old video games, sleeps with stuffed animals, and collects niche tech. I have memories of doing all of these things but they aren’t me. I don’t like any of these things like that.”

It’s weird that like… a year ago my passion project was turning my new apartment into a smart home, I can remember the joy and excitement. I look at all of that now and I don’t understand why I did it.

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