Got my first IV Ketamine therapy session yesterday. Was insane, I wound up tripping hard. Can't say I've noticed any improvements yet but the doctor said it often happens in the days after treatment. Posting observations from my notes in the reply.


Oh man… it was like...
You know Summer Wars?
The online game in summer wars
It was like I was moving through that space and it kept shifting and changing as music played and I quickly forgot I was on something, forgot about my life, who I was, and why I was there.
At one point I asked myself if I had broken a simulation and was moving to something else, it felt like it was entirely out of my control- it was insane.

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One thing I did the whole time was I kept tapping with my fingers to remind myself I was still alive and doing ok, but when I was tripping I didn’t know that I was doing it or why. I could just feel it and perceive it.

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