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A little PSA from Spyro not only in regards to the current situation. Listen to the purple boy!!

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Myself and @gontovaan@twitter.com, just hangin’ at the beach. It feels a little crowded though...gotta keep watching where I step. Also: beach umbrellas are the Lego brick of big folk. Do NOT step on them.

Amazing commission from @microquinn@twitter.com!

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Okay, but have you ever considered... open toe socks? 🐾

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this big dogo was training all night long... (οΏ£_,οΏ£ )

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Lost Pokemon of the Day: Baby Blastoise

First revealed when Gen 1 beta assets leaked in Feb 2019, this turtle was Blastoise's original pre-evolution -- created before Blastoise was merged with the Squirtle family.

(Photo descriptions & more info continued in thread below) (1/4)

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To offset the political tweets and retweets: check out the mousepad I just got.

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here’s what that one scene in antz would look like in real life

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I subscribed to Zoobooks for an entire year, spoke to their operators like 20 times, and even got a DM from their Twitter telling me I would get a Tiger Posterβ„’ sent to me yet I am STILL Tiger Poster-less. It's my white whale and it still evades me

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Don’t forget to vote in the primaries today. Or else.

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PokΓ©mon in Chief:

It's Super Tuesday, a good time for a throwback -- in 2012's primaries, Herman Cain repeatedly quoted some inspiring words by "a great poet."

But when he dropped out, in his concession speech he finally admitted the quote was *actually* from the PokΓ©mon movie.

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villains waiting for Sailor Moon to finish transforming

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Sinking still into the pitch black water. The cold sensation is familiar, calm... and yet deeply unsettling.

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