"cDonald's Theorem"

cDonald's Theorem is described by the following equation:

n² + 9 + 9

If we plot its graph, the result is a uniformly curved line that somehow joins up with itself (as shown in figure one), a shape for which science is yet to find a name!

Can you think of a name for it? If you can, the Royal Mathematics Society would like to hear from you! They hold a competition each year to find a name for this figure. The final takes place in Nottingham on April the 4th of September.

Yo guys please subscribe to my OnlyFlans. Literally just pictures of flan, day in and day out.

I did not realise that someone could have such an intense reaction to the Dreamcast startup screen.

OwO Looks like me and @LoinKingZabi@twitter.com have gotten into some shenanigans. Art by @kawaii_raion@twitter.com

First time stepping into the world of pup play. I’ve always wanted to do it but I’ve been to shy/scared ^^; Got this in the mail today

Testing Mastodon's new audio sharing feature by sharing the tracks from my Ukulele cover album. :)

Here's track one, I'll make a thread out of this for each track!

My friend Zabi got this for me for pride month and it is cute AF. I wish I could tag him but he no Masto :O

This Mac OS 8 intro video is being very direct about how you shouldn’t be using their OS.

RT @bearcub_1994@twitter.com

The best part of my recovery process is the hour lunch I get to take outside the facility 😈😈😈

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