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So I did 15 school assignments in one day. This is about how my brain is holding up.

A key component of SteamVR has stopped working. Please restart SteamVR.

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Me: money is fake

Them: yeah it's just paper that we ascribe value to

Me: no it's faker than that. Only 3 percent of USD exists as physical currency. The rest is just bank credit.

Them: right, so money is just numbers in bank accounts that the government creates from nothing

Me: no, it's faker than that. Most money is bank credit, created by private banks. Not the government, not the Fed, banks like Chase or Bank of America. They take zero dollars and turn that into a loan and debt. They decide who gets new money. Capitalists decide where new money is created and who it goes to. If the government paid back all government debt, there would be no more treasury bonds, and then if everybody paid off all their private debt, there would be no more money.

Them: wow, so most money is just credit corresponding to debt, and there's just a small amount of money they borrow from the federal reserve that was created by the government.

Me: no, it's faker than that. Since 2020 reserve requirements were abolished. Banks don't need to legally keep any money on hand or borrow money from the federal reserve or each other at all. They can just pay interest on every dollar they create to the federal reserve without borrowing from the Fed at all.

Them: oh. So money is REALLY fake.

Me: yeah. so if the government just paid off all of our student debt it wouldn't affect the money supply at all. It would do nothing to the economy other than release a huge debt burden. So let's do that.

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What if we put Scooby Doo's head on top of Dracula's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

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My first day at Bethesda, "Environmental storytelling can be so much more than a skeleton on a stripper pole"

*Todd Howard personally shoots me in the back of the head*

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I made some fake Forbes Apple headlines:

“Apple just gave millions of iPhone users a reason to get a hot coffee enema”

“Apple confirms this nasty surprise - your stepmother is coming to visit.”

“New Apple leak reveals stunning stun gun.”

“Apple’s new sex toy will ‘Fuck bitches, make money’ and launch in 2023, analyst says.”

“Apple issues serious new iPhone warning - Your selfies are not instagram-worthy, Keisha.”

“Forget the new Macbook, Apple has something better- Jesus.”

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re: explaining fediverse to people 

@duponin You're already on fedi, so I assume it wont tell you more than you already know, but the way I explain it using that method generally goes something like

Let's say you're on Facebook and a friend is on Twitter. You want to send them a message, but you can't send messages from FB to twitter, right? That'd just be weird right? (Generally people agree that this is indeed the case and would be weird otherwise)

Of course you can also call them on the phone. Let's say you're with a telephone provider BlablaFon. A friend also has a phone, but they are with another provider, namely Phonica (I'm using fake names here, typically I use existing names they know because that parses easier).
Now image that you're calling them, but it doesn't work and you get told that it's normal it doesn't work because they are with another provider. That be weird right? You both have a phone and a subscription, you should be able to call each other, right? Why would a provider not allow calls to another provider? (Generally they agree that this would indeed be weird)

Yet, when we want to contact each other from one social media account to another, we suddenly not only think it's normal that it doesn't work, we'd even think it's strange if it would work! But it works for phones, why would it not work for social media either? (Here I typically see in their facial expressions that something clicks for them)

So that's basically what the fediverse is. Just like you have several telephone providers, we have different social media platforms. But even if you're on a different platform, you can still talk to each other like you're part of one big network. Or better put, you *are* all part of one big network, namely the fediverse.

Anyone have any recommendations for leather/neoprene gear on a college student budget? XD Not even sure if that's possible tbh, but figured it would be a good idea to ask cause I know some folks are pretty experienced with gear on here. :)

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Normalize talking by text messages when someone is overwhelmed and doesn't seem to be able to answer/express themselves

(Talking about people in the same room)

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I wanna draw furry art but I’m still working on the 250 box challenge so this is what you get.


- like/retweet this
- follow
- reply w/ refsheet
- specify near or far vanishing pts

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VibeGoesBrrr is currently having issues with the VRChat 1149 (UI Update) client.

It can still see/connect to devices, but device control is not working.

These issues are known and are being worked on currently. Will post updates when more information is available.

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Nothing quite like when unemployment will pay you more than the second richest company in the world.

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